Journey to the World of Living Energies

Reconnect with the Stars and with Mother Earth - meet yourself! 

May 29th - June 13th 2016


with Quero Paqos, Luis Alejo and Diwan Basel

Shamanic Journey to the Qero Paqos high in the Andes of Peru, with Inca Initiations on Sacred places to reconnect with Mother Earth and the Cosmos, with the World of Living Energies and with our Source. 


Languages: Quechua, English and German


2598 CHF / 2470 € (except flights to/from Cusco)


Itinerary Peru 2016_Start 29.5.16.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 1.7 MB


October 22th - 25th 2015 - Qero Paqos at Diwan Basel

Healings, Initiations, Despacho and Workshop "Cristal Mesa" 

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